Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toot-toot, The Owl

Although Harmony Gardens is elegant and polished, it is still natural and rustic.  It is a garden in which couples share one of the most important and memorable days of the their lives.  It is garden in which we work to cultivate a beauty that is worthy of hosting the ceremony of combining lives forever.  But it is also a garden in which plants and animals live and find solace.  We are a natural garden.  Basically that means that we grow our plants - right here.  When we have a hard winter our plants get cold.  When the flowers are in full bloom, it is because of the amazing work of our landscapers.  When we develop a new garden area, it is after months of planning and waiting for THAT moment, the moment in which we know how to best bring out the beauty of a certain spot.  It also means that we have some awesome visitors, or in this case long term tenants.  Toot-toot, our owl (actually there are several owls and they are all named Toot-toot!) can frequently be spied surveying the events of Harmony Gardens.  He is a beautiful bird and he lives in one of the most beautiful gardens around!

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