Tuesday, February 28, 2012

October Wedding

The special touches on this wedding were so cute.  They used butterflies and fairies and a ton of greenery.  The garland over the pergola and bridge in the rose garden looked amazing.  They utilized pink and blue up-lighting in the dining pavilions.  Another beautiful Harmony Gardens wedding!  And congrats to the couple!!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Our PhotoBooth

Have I mentioned that we have our own photobooth?  Well, last Spring, I was planning for our Flavors of West Volusia event.  I so much wanted to have a photobooth for the night!  I started researching if there were any in the area, how much they cost, and any other details I could find. I determined that although I love the idea of a "traditional" photobooth, I really wanted a photobooth that could be customized for our location.   As most of you know, we are a very unique venue and we are a bit off the beaten path.  We decided we wanted to be able to offer that service to our couples and to be able to do it all right here, without them having to find a separate vendor, book the date, separate contract, etc.  So we began building and customizing.  And after several tries we finally got it right!!  We are so excited to have our own photobooth!  It is so much easier for our amazing couples to just do it all right here without worrying about the logistics of having to hire one, worry if it can be set up outdoors, finding a spot for it, etc.  And since we have it in house we can provide our photobooth to our brides at a much more affordable cost than if they were to rent one from offsite.

Check out these cute pictures from some of our weddings last fall!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February! WHAT??

So I realized today that it has been months, YES, months since I updated this blog.  Last November was the busiest wedding month we have ever had.  The holidays blew in and blew out.  And then I woke up and found it to be the middle of February, with our Spring season quickly approaching!!  I promise to get some pictures of last season up very soon and to catch you up on some exciting happenings here at Harmony Gardens.  In the meantime, here is a picture from one of our Fall weddings that the amazing Elegant Imagery captured.  Isn't this an amazing shot?