Thursday, June 9, 2011

Anna & Zac May Wedding

Anna & Zac were such a joy to work with. They had a fun, whimsical style and they were just so cute!

Thanks Greg Coleman Photography for the beautiful pictures!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Katie & Jimmy May Wedding

This Memorial Day weekend wedding turned out beautifully. They had a Rose Garden ceremony, a Burrito Bar dinner courtesy of Harmony n Love Catering, and beautiful decor!

Photos courtesy of Koontz Photography.

"Best of Beauty Basket"

I'm sure you have heard the expression, Win-Win. Well this is definitely a win-win situation. You can look great and feel great at the same time.

I had the privilege of meeting an amazing woman a few years back. While my husband and I were in seminary, I kept hearing about someone named Casey. Awesome hairstylist - Casey, amazing photographer - Casey, artistic and talented - Casey, and an amazingly strong woman of God - Casey. She and her husband have two adopted children and are in the process of adopting two more from the Congo region of Africa. Here are the details of the upcoming adoption!

As a fundraiser to help with the insane expenses of international adoption, she is offering baskets of her favorite products in a specific category (i.e. baking, beauty, etc.) This month's basket is a bride's dream; all about beauty! Casey is a stylist and so she knows her products! In fact she reviews each of the products included, explaining why they are her favorites. She includes 30!!

Here is how it works:

For each $5 you donate toward the adoption of these two children, you will be entered to win this amazing basket. How cool is that? She does a new basket each month. Seriously, these baskets make me drool, because they are so cool. I hope this win-win idea has you just as excited. Good luck, hopefully I will get to see one of our Harmony Garden's Brides sporting some new beauty products!!

Let's help these two sweet children experience the joy of having parents and living in a stable climate and family!

Here is how to donate, to be entered into this drawing, and to read about some amazing products!