Sunday, February 14, 2010

Embracing Nature on your Wedding Day

Planning an outdoor wedding does not have to be totally stressful. Sure there are weather conditions to contend with and because there so many more variables involved, than in say a banquet hall, there is always the chance of something unexpected happening. However if you don’t try to fight nature, but rather embrace it you will be less stressed and your wedding will be beautiful!

Here are some tips for embracing nature:

1. There are certain times of the year that are more prone to bad weather than others. For instance August in Florida is always hot and there are almost always rain showers; February is most often cold. Doing your research and making informed decisions will help you to book your wedding during one of those times in Florida that made you want to marry outdoors to begin with. Spring and fall are much more predictable. The temperature is generally mild and although it does rain, it is not as likely. Also check your Farmer’s Almanac, it can offer helpful trends.

2. During times of the year that the temperature is unpredictable, i.e. beginning and end of winter, budget for patio heaters or fans. According to , the average temperature high for February 13 locally is 71 degrees, with the record temperature high being 90 degrees. Today the forecast high is 52 degrees. That is quite a spread of temperatures. Budgeting for a heater would relieve some of the chill. Also, planning a date sometimes even a week or two earlier or later may make a huge difference in the predictability of temperatures.

3. Find a venue that can offer a covered area, even if you only use the tent/pavilion/indoor building as a backup you can rest easier know you will not need to scramble last minute to make alternate plans. As you plan your décor, seating charts, etc. also have a back up plan as to what décor you will use if under a tent, rather than under the stars! Also, please remember your vendors! For instance, a DJ, especially needs to be in a covered area to protect their equipment.

4. Find a venue that will work with you in the chance of severe weather. Even an indoor wedding can be problematic in the chance of hurricane (or a blizzard, depending on your location). A venue should work with you to reschedule your date if weather has prohibited your traveling guests from attending or the weather becomes a safety concern.

5. Last but not least, RELAX. At the end of the day you and your honey will be married and starting your life together, regardless of whether you danced under a tent or under the stars!!

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