Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ann & Matt's First Dance

How cute is this!!

Ann & Matt Wedding, May

What can be more festive than a wedding?

A Cinco de Mayo Wedding, of course!!  Check out the pictures of this super fun evening, captured by the talented Nicole Katz Photography!  The event would not be complete without an amazing Burrito Bar by the awesome Chef Cindi of Harmony n Love Catering, some jammin' entertainment by Maria from Celebration Expert DJ, and the always delightful Harmony Gardens Photobooth!.

Congrats Ann & Matt!!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

Harmony Gardens is Unique

Harmony Gardens is a very unique venue.  There are not many private gardens of this size that are also full service wedding venues.  There are public gardens in which you can do weddings and there are wedding halls that have small gardens attached, but not many full blown "Garden Venues".  What does that mean?

Well, some of the differences between a banquet hall and Harmony Gardens are:
-We are all outdoors with several "venues" within a venue for ceremony, dining, dancing to be separate but still connected.  In other words everything flows and you have a lot of variation to your event rather than everything taking place in the same room or having to travel between two locations.
- Our gardens are very elaborate.  The gardens are our focus.  We have landscapers that work year round, designing, providing upkeep, etc. so that when your wedding comes around, the gardens look spectacular.
- We have a lot of flexibility in accommodating themes.  Each wedding looks different!

Some of the differences between a public garden and Harmony Gardens are:
-It is private.  You don't have to worry about sight seers "crashing" your party.
-You can have dinner and alcohol, be here into the night, and your DJ can play music that you can dance to!
-Our gardens are designed with weddings in mind and so each area accommodates the specific features of a wedding.
-We have everything in house.  Renting an off-site pavilion/tent alone can be an ordeal.  Most public gardens don't have those on site.  We have everything from pavilions, tents, tables, chairs, and linens to a photobooth right here!  Easier and less stressful for you!!

Some other unique differences:
-We only do one wedding per day.  This gives you plenty of time to get ready and not feel rushed.
-You have a wedding planner available to discuss ideas, give feedback, and help throughout the process.
-You can dance under the stars, with twinkle lights twinkling and torches blazing!!  How awesome is that!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Megan and Keith, March Wedding

Megan and Keith had a simple, elegant, and absolutely beautiful wedding in March.  They were a beautiful couple and a lot of fun to work with!  Don't they look so happy!
Kristen Wynn Photography did an amazing job of capturing their memories.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Toot-toot, The Owl

Although Harmony Gardens is elegant and polished, it is still natural and rustic.  It is a garden in which couples share one of the most important and memorable days of the their lives.  It is garden in which we work to cultivate a beauty that is worthy of hosting the ceremony of combining lives forever.  But it is also a garden in which plants and animals live and find solace.  We are a natural garden.  Basically that means that we grow our plants - right here.  When we have a hard winter our plants get cold.  When the flowers are in full bloom, it is because of the amazing work of our landscapers.  When we develop a new garden area, it is after months of planning and waiting for THAT moment, the moment in which we know how to best bring out the beauty of a certain spot.  It also means that we have some awesome visitors, or in this case long term tenants.  Toot-toot, our owl (actually there are several owls and they are all named Toot-toot!) can frequently be spied surveying the events of Harmony Gardens.  He is a beautiful bird and he lives in one of the most beautiful gardens around!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Under Construction" Engagement Party

This was a very special engagement party for us at Harmony Gardens!  It was to celebrate Malcolm and Cindi's engagement (the owners of Harmony n Love Catering).  And it was also special, because I got to plan the entire thing and host it with my brother's girlfriend!  Fun!  We had games, and good food, a dessert buffet, a candy buffet, a fun DJ, some dancing, and we got to celebrate an amazing couple!  What more could you ask for?  Oh, some pictures, perhaps....

It was an "under Construction" theme, since the couple is building a new home and we tied that theme throughout.     

Cutting the cake

 we made cupcake flags out of paint swatches 

we placed trivia about the couple on larger paint swatches and put them in the centerpieces

We had everyone sign his and hers tool aprons

 Unfortunately most of my pictures were taken right before the party and we had not uncovered the candy yet! 

We used a drywall mud bucket to hold cards and gave mini tool sets for prizes for the games.  Games consisted of "Guess the number of screws" and answer trivia questions from trivia in the centerpieces.  We asked the question, "Where do see the couple in 15 years?", "How will you pray for the couples marriage?", or "write a fond memory" and had the notes pinned on a clothes line.